Keep Steady and Remember Your Why

Keep Steady and Remember Your Why

In the last few weeks, I have really been battling to stay positive. I think we all underestimate how negative load shedding can make you. To be honest I feel that no riots, weak rand or corruption makes our nation as negative as load shedding does 

As I am sitting on a plane writing this blog, I feel that we have such a diverse country which is both our strength and our Achilles heel. If we can stand together and work together to stamp out corruption and all the other things that hamper our growth, we will no doubt be one of the top countries in the world. So that was my little rant and now I will move on to more positive things. 


Life is about choices, and we can choose to be negative about things in our beautiful country or we can see the problems as stepping stones to a better future for all. I choose to be positive despite reading the negative news every day. I choose to be positive about South Africa and its people because I want to live here. I also want my kids to live here and enjoy all the amazing diversity that this country offers. My wife and I are very careful about what we say in front of our kids as they are very patriotic, and we want that to continue for many years to come.

The most important thing to figure out is your why. Why do you wake up at 5am everyday to do exercise? Why do you spend an hour a day in traffic to get to work? Why do you live in a certain area? Why do you give time to your community? Why don’t you allow yourself rest? What difference do you make amongst your friends? Are you a successful person or a person of significance? You see by asking yourself these questions you start understanding your why and you become more intentional with your actions.


Society dictates that we are judged by our net asset value and therefore a successful person has lots of money. The Bottom line is that a rich person is only successful in one area of their life and that does not necessarily make them successful. How about the other areas of their life that they might have had to neglect to be successful in business. You see not everybody can be stinking rich, but everybody can be kind. Everybody can’t live in a big house, but they can be compassionate. Everybody can’t drive an expensive car, but they can give their time to help people who are disadvantaged or disabled.

So, if you hit a wobble of negativity as all of us do then start your day by making a list of the things that you are grateful for. Phone a few friends that you have not spoken to for a while and set a coffee date. Join your neighborhood watch and do a night patrol. Spend some time on your mental and spiritual health by getting out into nature or going to church. 


If you choose to stay in this incredible country, then make a conscious decision not to be an idle citizen. Get out of your comfort zone and help the less privileged in your community. Be the person that lifts people up and not the one that drains the people around you. You see when you start giving and making a difference in your community you become more and more aware of how privileged and blessed you are. As someone once said. If all of us had to throw our problems on one heap, we would most probably take our own problems back. Love, peace, kindness, faithfulness, compassion, and self-control cost no money. Be the change and Go out and be a nation builder.

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