Life Lessons from Inspirational Leaders

Life Lessons from Inspirational Leaders

Throughout life, we look up to inspirational leaders for meaning, purpose and general life lessons. I’m not referring to celebrity culture or poster pin-ups. Based on my own personal experience, this can be fickle and idol. I am referring to real heroes. Inspirational leaders that make a lasting impact on humanity and who make us think a bit more beyond ourselves.

Some of my own personal inspirational leaders include the likes of Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Junior and the Dalai Lama. These legendary leaders all have characteristics that I aspire to. They have taught humanity valuable lessons about life and how we should treat one another.

Nelson Mandela: Meeting Nelson Mandela was a truly incredible experience. I admire him for his humility and ability to forgive. What we can learn from him is:

  • There is always hope. Never give up on it
  • Violence is never the answer to anything
  • Forgiveness truly is the key to inner happiness 
  • Bond through shared experiences
  • Draw a line under your past

Dalai Lama: I have always been inspired by the Dalai Lama for his spiritual leadership and lessons of inner happiness and peace. The life lessons we can take away from him include:

  • Be compassionate and have empathy for others. You never know when you will need it back 
  • Find happiness – if something is not working, try and change it
  • Do not harm others, emotionally or physically 
  • Nurture and value friendships. Good friendships are worth the investment   
  • Don’t let technology rule your life 

Mother Teresa: The word Saint comes to mind when I think about Mother Teresa. Her selfless love and genuine care for humanity are what inspire me the most. In life, learn to:

  • Make other people happy. Poverty goes beyond the material and includes feeling unwanted and unloved
  • Be faithful in the little things. Remember that “Faith can move mountains”
  • Build it anyway regardless of fear 
  • Go home and love your family 
  • Be courageous enough to live 

Winston Churchill:  One of the most inspiring leaders of all time is Winston Churchill. His endurance and confidence are what led to his inevitable success. If your dream is long-term, you need to be able to put in the work.

  • Think for yourself and have the courage to stay true to your beliefs 
  • Self-education especially in a country where opportunities have not always been just and equal  
  • Write. Write. Write. Always write down your ideas and keep the ones you wish to realise
  • Use your influence and power of words to convey genuine emotion that resonates with your following
  • Have morals and values. Stay loyal and true to what you believe in

Martin Luther King:
  What inspires me about Martin Luther King Jnr is his strong faith, captivating influence and his belief in non-violence. Five life lessons we can all learn from this legendary human include:

  • Words matter so use them wisely and to build people’s confidence 
  • Take the long view but take it quickly 
  • A movement is far more powerful than one person 
  • Perseverance is the juice of life. Setbacks come. It’s how you pick yourself up 
  • Love the wrongdoers but hold them accountable

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