Thinking Out Loud: Trusting The Process

Thinking Out Loud: Trusting The Process

I love using sport analogies and applying them to business. I recently listened to a talk from Neil Powell, the Springbok 7’s Coach, and they live by the principle of trusting the process. 

He mentioned that when a new player came into the system, then the process was explained to them and that was all he had to focus on. In business processes and procedures, this principle is incredibly important as well. When the going gets tough and you are under immense pressure you can fall back to systems, process and procedures. It helps you focus on the short term and not on the end result. Winning will always be the desired result but if you focus on winning then you might not follow the process or try to shortcut the system. 

“ Hold the vision. Drop the excuses. Swerve the obstacles and trust the process”.

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