5 Tips on How to Recover From Setback or Injury

5 Tips on How to Recover From Setback or Injury

I am not a specialist in treating mental health issues, but I have had various setbacks, injuries and tragedies in my life. Today I would like to share a few tips from my personal life experiences that will hopefully help you overcome a few of life’s personal and professional setbacks. In rugby, we say “use it or lose it” and the same can be applied to any circumstance you may be facing.

  • Never feel sorry for yourself. Take the knock, pain, punishment or whatever you need to do and move on. Never feel sorry for yourself as it only makes you more negative.
  • Never be too shy/proud to speak to someone. Pride can often stand in the way of recovery and restoration. Be brave and speak out when you need help.
  • Have close friends/colleagues/family. That’s what friends are for. You need to have a handful of people that are close to you and that you can share anything with.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. I have learnt over time that it is often easier to forgive someone else that it is to forgive yourself. Be kind to yourself and move on.
  • Be strong in your faith. We all think we can take life on with our own two hands, until we have experienced tragedy. The loss of a family member or a close friend can throw you on your back and only then do we look to the heavens. Be part of a community of believers and share each other’s pain, heartache, suffering and joy!!

In the end we are all human and we all make mistakes. We all make bad decisions, and we all feel the same pain. Reach out and be the friend that cares and checks in regularly.

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