5 Tips To Help Increase Focus and Productivity

5 Tips To Help Increase Focus and Productivity

Let me start by saying that there is no doubt that if I was a youngster today, I would have been diagnosed with ADHD. I would be taking medication to get me to concentrate. Back in school, I was just quite naughty and restless, and the only form of medication I knew was corporal punishment. (I am actually laughing as I write this)

If I could single out one thing that helped me focus, it was routine. I am not a doctor, or a psychiatrist (so please use it or lose it) but here are a few things that help me focus in the pursuit of always being punctual.

 1. Routine:

I have a son who is exactly like me and routine helps with organizing my brain.

2. Planning:

It isn’t always possible to plan every step but where you can plan your days, weeks and months, do it.

3. To do lists:

As you get older it is important to have a to do list and tick the tasks off that list, one at a time. ( Rugby concussion doesn’t help!)😊

4. Technology:

I have all my friends, family, colleagues and connections’ birth dates saved on my phone. Some people can’t wait for that once a year phone call. Use the technology available to be more organized.

5. Deliberate:

Be deliberate about completing tasks and moving onto the next task at hand. It becomes a habit to complete things and not leave them hanging.

As I side note, try and make things fun. If something is fun you are more likely to start and complete it.

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