Motivation 101: What Sport taught me about people

Motivation 101: What Sport taught me about people

I have always been a firm believer in sharing personal experiences with others. Life teaches us motivation lessons that can inspire others to think outside the box. It has the potential to provide an alternative perspective to problem-solving which could evolve into the perfect solution.

There is an unspoken value to motivating others, both in one’s personal and professional life. Through storytelling, we soon start seeing the similarities in one another. Sharing relatable situations inspires us to work on ourselves. On the flip side, communication also helps us understand our differences. Once we master the art of understanding an entire individual, we can then begin to find ways of working together as a team.

Understanding the dynamic personalities in the workplace is no different. Knowing how to position individual strengths and create strategies to tackle the weaknesses provides a great opportunity for motivational leadership styles. Once you have a comprehensive understanding of your employees and how they respond to certain tactics, you can start building trust, respect, and great teamwork.

In my professional Rugby career, I had the privilege of captaining many teams. The lessons that I have learned have been invaluable in my own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Here are 5 tips to consider when motivating players:

  • Not everybody in a team needs to be motivated. Some members of your team need calmness and peace to perform at their best. Other team members need to be hyped up and motivated to perform the task at hand.
  • Different personalities need to be treated differently without other team members feeling that they have been treated differently and unfairly. A more sensitive individual needs encouragement whereas tougher team players may need a good tongue lashing.
  • Always play/work for something bigger than just yourself. A Springbok jersey, a coach, your country or your family will always help you perform at a higher level.
  • Success breeds confidence and more confidence breeds a sense of invincibility! On the flip side losing breaks confidence and a lack of confidence festers in a team. Snapping out of a losing streak is of massive importance.
  • Different incentives motivate different individuals. Know your team and know exactly what makes every single team member feel motivated. #affirmation #recognition #compliments

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