The Sentiment of Not Looking Back but Forward

The Sentiment of Not Looking Back but Forward

When I listen to the stories of the past from the millions of human beings who suffered the devastating consequences of Apartheid, I am filled with a mix of emotions. I am the first person to admit that I come from an incredibly privileged background. i am extremely aware of the things I say and do, and how they might offend others, or even sound a bit tactless for those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Apartheid was no picnic for the majority of South Africa, with millions of lives being impacted to this day. I have tremendous respect for anyone who rose above these obstacles, and feel that there is so much to learn from those who did not allow their circumstances to affect their livelihood and ultimate success. To me at least, these people are true testaments of the human spirit.  

I think we can agree, admire and learn from these narratives and how the hardships helped motivate individuals to create a better future. Instead of changing the past, they embraced it and found a way forward which is key to being the best version of yourself. 

I came to Paarl at the age of four and it was an incredibly tough time for me but I used my circumstances to motivate me. Nobody else can be the authority on your potential! You alone can achieve what you want by believing in yourself and not allowing your past or your current circumstances to hold you back. This is where the word Hope comes in. 

We live in a country where millions of people wake up every morning and they have no hope. It is our duty to inspire them, help them and most of all give them hope. Without hope there is no expectation that something good or positive will happen. By giving of our time, resources and skills we can make a difference in someone’s life. 

What are you doing in your community, your kids’ school, or amongst your friends to make a positive change? There is responsibility on all of us who have grown up privileged to at least try and make a difference where we can. Positive change doesn’t happen in the past, it happens now and in the future.

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