5 Reasons Why Competition is Good for Team Work

5 Reasons Why Competition is Good for Team Work

When you play your first cap for the Springboks you read the Springbok Code of Conduct in front of the whole team and management. One of the points in the code states: “I will put the team and its interests above my own ambitions”. 

I really enjoyed playing with ambitious people that were not happy to be chosen on the reserve bench. Healthy competition in any team structure is very good as long as you stick to the core principle that NOBODY is bigger or more important than the team.

Here are 5 reasons why I believe competition is good in any team environment.

1)     Healthy competition will bring the best and worst out of individuals and the team. Use the good and deal decisively with the bad.

2)     Certain individuals will show their true colours very quickly and either rise to the occasion or jump ship.

3)     Competition between sales staff will inspire the rest of the team to hit targets especially if there is a good reward system in place.

4)     If there are strong individuals in a team and they are competing for a place they will always drive each other to higher levels.

5)     No team member can ever be complacent if there is strong competition with great reward for the winner.

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