Thinking Out Loud: The Lighthouse Analogy

Thinking Out Loud: The Lighthouse Analogy

Thinking Out Loud. Something you might not know that well about me is that I love to read. One of my all time favorites is the classic, The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma. It’s an extremely inspiring story and one I can truly resonate with. 

There is a particular excerpt in the book where he speaks about a lighthouse that we all have in our lives. This lighthouse is symbolic of our ultimate goals in life. The perfect person you would like to be, the perfect job, the perfect family, the perfect house and car. 

When the lighthouse light shines towards you then your goal is clear and you can see exactly where you are going. When the light shines the other way your goals are no longer as clear, meaning you have to show a lot of grit to make sure you stay on track. 

One of the top causes of waning motivation is a lack of clear goals. Robin says “It is important to have clear goals but you must not be so obsessed with your “LightHouse” that you forget to pick up the diamonds along the way. What he is saying is that you must enjoy the journey and celebrate the small wins along the way. 

If you celebrate the small victories your inner motivation will always be topped up. This is more important than ever in these uncertain and unprecedented times we live in. 

Just thinking out loud. All the best with all your endeavors!! Get inspired and motivated! Read more on my blog page. 

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