A Journey Of Lifelong Learning: 5 Good Habits

A Journey Of Lifelong Learning: 5 Good Habits

This month we are focusing on lifelong learning and the pursuit to better every day. For this to happen, you must make certain adaptations and then let those become habits. Today I will be talking about five good habits to have if you are pursuing a journey of lifelong learning.


  1. Reading regularly: This is where I fall off the bus in a big way. I really do struggle to read and therefore a book must capture my attention within the first few pages. Whether it is books, online material or articles, reading expands your knowledge and it stimulates the mind. It helps to read diverse material that challenges your thinking and helps you think of new ideas.
  2. Self-reflective practice: Reflective practice can deepen your self-awareness and help with personal growth. Taking time to analyse your actions and decisions and see what worked and what didn’t can help you find lessons for the way forward. “A clever person learns from his mistakes, but a wise person learns from other people’s mistakes.”
  3. Embracing curiosity: Nurture your curiosity and maintain a sense of wonder about the world around you. Embracing curiosity will spark creativity, innovation and it will fuel your passion for learning no matter how old you are.
  4. Continuous self-development: We must commit from a young age to continuous skills development by seeking opportunities to learn new things and to increase our current skill set. This will boost confidence, creativity and adaptability as we get older.
  5. Seeking new experiences: I think all of us love our comfort zones and we always revert to them when things become unsure. Exposing ourselves to new ideas, new environments and new perspectives will broaden our horizons and help us have a better understanding of this world we live in.

By incorporating these five habits into our daily lives will no doubt help us create a journey of lifelong learning. By embracing a mindset of curiosity, growth and self-improvement, we will continue to expand our horizons and discover new opportunities for personal and intellectual development. As I am approaching fifty, I often find myself falling back to my comfort zone and doing the things I am familiar with and that I like doing. Challenge yourself this week and do something outside of your comfort zone that will challenge you. I try and do one extreme event a year and that really takes me out of my comfort zone.

Last year I did the Trans-Baviaans which is a 230Km MTB ride that you must complete in 24 hours. I still must still pick something this year so I wouldn’t mind a few suggestions. Next year for my 50th birthday I will be swimming from Robben Island to Big Bay with my son who will then be eighteen. Now that’s a proper challenge!!


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