Self-Reflection: Looking back to look Forward

Self-Reflection: Looking back to look Forward

As we rapidly make our way to the December holidays, I am always reminded that these holidays are always filled with conflicting emotions. On the one hand people celebrate Christmas and getting together as a family, and on the other hand people are mourning the loss of friends and family members. On December 25 we celebrate the most important date on the Christian calendar which is the birth of Jesus Christ. Friends and family gather from all over the world and celebrate life and all the challenges that have been faced in the year.

As much as people look forward to the longest break of the year, there are also people who will dread having to have the first Christmas without a Grandfather, Grandmother, husband, wife, son, daughter. The reality is that this is a time of reflection and often a time where people become despondent and sad about events that have taken place in the past, but also what might still happen in the near future.

I truly believe self-reflection is a very good thing as you allow yourself time to evaluate where you are in life and if you are on top of things or not. Is life just happening to you? Are you being dragged around like a ragdoll? Or are you living a deliberate and purposeful life that you have control of? As I reflect on any year I always start with the things that I am grateful for as this sets the tone for everything that lies ahead. 

I am grateful that my immediate family and the extended family had no major health issues this year and everybody is fit and healthy. I am grateful that my business improved year on year and that I haven’t had any major issues at work. I am incredibly grateful that my marriage is in a great space as that has a major impact on our children. I am grateful for fantastic friendships that have been nurtured throughout the past year as well as the friendships that our children have made.  I am grateful that I had the time and energy to help my broader community this year and that things are going well in our village. On a personal note I am glad that I could get my fitness levels up after COVID and I did the Wines2Whales cycle race in November.

If I had to be honest, I am slightly disappointed in myself that I didn’t make time to do a course or upskill myself in the last 12 months. I will make up for it in 2023 as I believe if you don’t learn you don’t stagnate you go backwards. Spiritually I feel that we as a family didn’t attend church enough this year as we got into a bad habit during COVID. This will change in 2023. 

Next year I have all three of my children in High School and my daughter will be in matric. This means my wife and I will have an empty nest from Monday mornings till Friday afternoon. We have already been discussing what our routines will be in the week as we will need to do something in the afternoons. 

What is your reflection of 2022? Work, friends, family, health and spirit are 5 areas that you can reflect on. As you reflect, also be grateful for what you have and enjoy the Christmas time with your friends, family, children and grandchildren. I pray that 2023 will be an incredible year for you and your family and that you will achieve all your goals.

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